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Honeywell Foundation gift cards are redeemable for admission and concessions at the Eagles Theatre.  Cards are available for purchase at the Eagles Theatre, the Honeywell Center Box Office, or online. Gift cards are also redeemable at the Honeywell Center, Honeywell House, and 13-24 Drive In.

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The Eagles Theatre is owned and operated by the Honeywell Foundation, a non-profit public charity dedicated to the enhancement of artistic, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for all.

About the Eagles Theatre

Constructed and financed by hundreds of people through the efforts of the Wabash Eagles Lodge, the Eagles Theatre opened its doors March 27, 1906 with a live show featuring Chicago’s Miss Bertha Gallant and her touring company. Costing the sizeable sum of $60,000, the Eagles Theatre was built on the grounds of the old Hyman house at 106 West Market Street. 

Structurally, the building contains a basement, four stories, 18 offices, 13 dressing rooms, and Eagles Lodge rooms. The theatre is located on the first floor with one balcony each located on both the second and third floors. Including both balconies, the theatre originally seated over 1,200 people. Offices occupied both the second and third floors while the fourth floor housed a ballroom.

Today, the Eagles Theatre is owned and operated by The Honeywell Foundation. Acquired in January 2010, the Eagles Theatre went through a vast number of upgrades. These improvements ranged from ceiling repair to installing new seating. Currently, the theatre holds 440 people plus additional wheelchair accessible seating for eight.

On November 14, 2010, The Honeywell Foundation held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the theatre’s revitalization and shortly after opened its doors to the public. Thanks to the countless donors who supported the revival, the region has the opportunity to experience the rich history that is engrained at the Eagles Theatre while enjoying a large array of events, activities, and programming.

The Eagles Theatre is open for not only showings of first run movies, but for other events as well. Whether they are corporate events, birthday parties, or other private gatherings, the Eagles Theatre has many different rental options.